Rite range of adhesive
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Ritetack – instant grab Adhesive   When you want 1 adhesive that you can rely on you don’t have to go far. Ritetack is proven worldwide. It is easy to apply. This instant grab adhesive works with most materials from stone and timber to steel and plasterboard – and more!  There is no need to wait while it cures. Apply, position and it’s finished. It’s high performance composition allows it to deliver for a guaranteed 20 years.  It’s white, elastic composition is a combination of cutting edge adhesive technology and our market leading easy to use design. Instant Grab Construction Adhesive Saves huge amounts of time Eliminates the need of unsightly fixings Proven worldwide Suitable for most materials Brilliant for signage Saves money 290ml – white 12 per box
Single $19.85 Box of 12 $170.40 ($14.20 ea)
Prices do not include GST
Rite Power-X  – High tack Adhesive/Sealant Power-X is a versatile adhesive and sealant. A performer in industrial adhesives. It is a one component, high-modulus composition. It cures under influence of humidity. Used on polystyrene, coachwork, roofing, timber, shipbuilding, DIY and more. Power-X is a professional series product from the Rite Adhesives range. It has been specially developed for high quality work. Professional series For industry and DIY High initial tack High strength White Works with virtually all materials 300mL Proven worldwide 12 per box
Single $10.50 Box of 12 $114.00 ($9.50 ea)
Prices do not include GST
Rite Seal  – Silicone Sealant The world’s most versatile all purpose, neutral silicone sealant. Used in sanitary, building, glazing and façade joints. Riteseal has specially been developed for high quality work. A sealant for high demands. With a 30 year guarantee, Riteseal is superior to any other silicone available. One of the many applications is for the elastic sealing of expansion joints in concrete and brickwork. Then also connection joints and glazing systems. More applications are kitchens, bathrooms and showers. Non-corrosive, neutral curing silicone Translucent For façade, glazing and sanitary Perfect bonding without primer Excellent resistance to UV, water and weather Testing till 1050 Pa on air loss in passive housing 310mL Proven worldwide
Single $6.40 Box of 12 $66.00 ($5.50 ea)
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