Light and strong Impact resistant Stable, multidirectional mechanical properties Rot-proof Non-toxic, resistant to chemicals Printable Easy to transform: can be cut, folded, welded, perforated, stapled, glued and stitched recyclable (through the Corex recycling program) Multiple Applications including: General multi trip packaging OEM General multi trip packaging OEM automotive parts Liners Dividers Layer pads Wall and partitions Protective coverings White 2050 x 1280mm          3.3mm        $25.50ea                  pack of 10   $23.40 ea 2050 x 1280mm          5.4mm        $44.60ea                  pack of 5   $41.60 ea Prices do not include GST 
Polypropylene Bubble structure material. A robust and lightweight solution. A 3-layer panel, combining a central thermoformed layer and two solid sheets.
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